Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Linnea Belnap and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bi'det"

No Good, Very Bidet'

Funny that my last entry was titled, "Water, water, everywhere".
Who knew? ...
That's exactly what we had! We use our bidet exclusively as the drain for the washing machine. I'm pretty sure everyone in the building does. (not sure about the "exclusive" part for everyone else.)  If you'll look closely at the picture I'm sure you'll agree that this setup 'was not smart'. It's like laying the garden hose down on the driveway and turning the water on full force and expecting the hose to remain stationary. When in fact, what you have really is a "water weenie"!

Kirk and I were sitting in the front room eating lunch while the washing machine was running. Probably an hour later I went to get the laundry.  I kid you not when I say that water was everywhere! Both bedrooms, the bathroom and the hallway had water 1/4" deep.
Apparently there is a measure taken to prevent this kind of flooding.
It's this round little white thing on the floor.
I thought it was an eyesore so I hid it under the rug. That 'was not smart'.
That is another drain. Had it not been occluded, the water would have stayed mainly in the bathroom.
As it was, Kirk and I grabbed those squeegee tools and went to work. Always thinking,  Kirk put a little soap in the water and mopped the floors at the same time.
What I want to know from my insurance agent, my sister, is this: Am I covered under my homeowner's policy against water weenie's flipping out of bidets?


  1. LOL. And I actually did. Just think you will never forget. Look what you accomplished. You washed the clothes, washed the floor, found a drain, hired some cheap labor, and found a new toy - a water weenie.

  2. I had the hardest time making sense of the title until I read further and saw a picture...oh, a bidet(bih-day)...guess my french classes didn't help much, eh? Love the story. You write so well, I feel like I was there helping mop it up.

  3. So funny...and a terribly clever title. Read it with Mom and Grandma and we laughed and laughed! Grandma: "what's a BLOG?". Think of the crazy changes she's seem in her almost 92 years! Love you and your writing!