Monday, November 21, 2011

Camel Lot

 Camel Lot

    "A law was made a distant moon ago here;

Three coats, two scarves, can never be too hot.

And there's a legal limit to the "rain" here,
                                                                                                    ...In Camel lot.

Camel Lot

Now kissing is forbidden 
till December

And for a ride they charge you quite a lot

By order, camels must not lose their temper,

               In Camel lot.                     

I know it sounds a bit bizarre,

but in Camel lot, 


Camel lot,


That's how conditions are.

The camels never poop til after sundown

By eight a.m. it all must disappear

 In short there's simply not

       ...a more congenial spot


For happily ever-aftering

than here, 
Camel lot!


  1. Oh I like this post a lot! Even though I don't know the song...

  2. :D Cute post! Love your skirt!!!

    Pathetic of me to notice your skirt when the post is obviously about CAMEL LOT!! :D

  3. Love it. That was quite a black stallion adventure -- ALMOST sounds fun.

  4. Sorry about your near kidnapping, but I must admit was was almost laughing out loud picturing Kirk on that horse.

  5. Loved the pictures! It brought back so many fun memories with the Belnap's. We love you blog!