Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Has Four Wheels, and Flies?

EVACUATE!!!  or.....
                                                                  ...give me your old washing machine.

These were some of the unfamiliar sounds that frightened me the first day I was home alone here in Jordan. Posting them today has made me laugh out loud. Because on rare occasion, I have been known to think the worst. When I heard this foreign language hollering through my window, I immediately thought trouble. If you'll notice the truck at the end, they are hauling old appliances.
The amazing thing is, they drive by at least 8 times a day. (that's when I'm home.)

This next one, the same thing. Only they are selling "bouda-gas". The gas canisters that we survive on around here. This one I find hilarious because I am hiding behind the curtain as I film. This sheer piece of fabric is shielding me from what?

                                                               EVACUATE!!  or...
                                                                  buy some "Bouda-Gas"


  1. I know what you're hiding from...salesmen! They can be quite persuasive in the middle east :)

  2. Absolutely agree with Ellie. Your posts remind me of an encounter with a camel and his slimy handler. Or maybe it was the camel that was slimy? No, I got it right the first time.