Sunday, October 16, 2011

Low Altitude

Linn's Famous Fruit Dip

 I know a lot of things about cooking. And if there's one important thing I know,  it's about the altitude.
Things don't cook the same at sea level as they do in higher elevations. Things don't cook in the Middle East the same way they do in the US. 
I'll admit I was a little anxious to take on a food assignment for Relief Society. (I don't mean "anxious" in the way that I couldn't wait)
But a fruit tray shouldn't be that difficult, right?
I found out you can buy brown sugar here now,  (hasn't always been the case) so Kirk and I ran to the local "Safeway" to get cream cheese and brown sugar so I could make my fool proof fruit dip recipe. You also need to know when cooking abroad, that ingredients aren't always the same as you might be accustomed to. It takes practice, and you have to develop a knack for these things. 
I didn't panic when the consistency of the cream cheese and brown sugar mixture didn't seem quite right. I just kept stirring. I don't have a mixer of any kind. Kirk suggested I might want to heat the brown sugar a little. (He often times has great suggestions.) Yet still, it wasn't responding as it should. The more I stirred, the more clumpy it became. I have less than two hours now and I'm frustrated because I can't figure this out.  I'm not much of a taste tester (Hannah?), but when I did finally taste this, it wasn't sweet a bit. I said out loud, "this is lousy brown sugar!" Kirk picks up the bag and starts to laugh. It wasn't brown sugar at all. It was a bag of bread crumbs.
Bread Crumbs and Brown Sugar. You decided which is which.
We quick hail a taxi and head to Safeway to buy actual brown sugar. Shoot our wad on another round of cream cheese, wait for what seems like an hour before a cab will pick us up again, and hurry home to try again. I made the dip again, and Kirk prepared all the fruit. Kirk was nearly late for class, and I made it to Relief Society with maybe two minutes to spare. 

Finished product

  I said I know a lot of things about the kitchen. Now, I know it's pretty important to read the label! Things are not always as they appear.


  1. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll bet you thought so, too, at the time.

  2. I'll come taste test :) That sounds really good. We're gonna need to make that soon. And your pumpkin dip. yummmmm