Saturday, October 22, 2011

Less Than Sense

Running through Carrfour (sp), the local grocery store, I quickly grabbed some much needed toilet paper. I only added a few treats, but was a little surprised at the amount the cashier took out of my hands. (she repeated the total a couple of times in Arabic. Each time louder and faster. But it didn't register any time, so I held out a 10 JD note, more than a $10 bill,  and she gave me a few piasters back, less than cents). Seemed like she kept a bit more than I had expected, but I headed for home just the same, pleased with myself that I had remembered the TP.

However, what appears to be 12 rolls of tp, is actually 6 rolls of sandpaper-quality paper towel. Or as is clearly stated on the label, "extra strong kitchen towels!"
No buts about it, I have got to start reading the labels! 

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