Friday, October 7, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

"Fly Me To the Moon!"
                                                               I have so many stories from Jordan to share, but tonight I can't  quit thinking about my little guys! Skyping is a miraculous tool, but it doesn't compare to holding them in my arms.  Last week I got to skype with both of them. My heart broke twice. Woods with his famous gum chewing grin and big blue eyes was crawling towards the camera as Levi scooted the camera around the room. Woods was grinning and laughing as he chased us and we were laughing and talking to him. Suddenly he sat up and his lower lip started to quiver, and he looked up at his dad for reassurance. Almost like, "Is this okay Dad? I'm not sure who these people are that I'm playing with." He got his dad's reassurance and he started crawling and grinning again. Just a few seconds later, he turned around and looked at his mom, "Are you sure these strange faces in front of me are safe?" She restored his confidence and he continued to play with us. I have that picture in my mind of his innocent, searching eyes, looking to his parents for comfort. 
Then while we were skyping with Will, he decided to run across the room. Kirk and I were talking to Ellie and Andrew and Will was playing with his car. He sat down in the middle of the room, pretty far from the camera and just studied us. I was looking at him and started to do the hand motions to the song, "There was a Little House in the Middle of the Woods." He silently started doing them with me. Then he stood up, and walked towards the camera and just started crying. As though he wanted to say,  "This is fun Grandma, but why don't you pick me up and sing it with me?"

The Relief Society lesson today was on eternal families. I have been thinking of families all day. How grateful I am for mine. The whole lot of 'em! What a blessing each one is in my life.
Especially today as I think about my grandsons, I am grateful for the devoted parents they have. I love to watch the way they are with these little boys. I almost love watching them as much as I do Will and Woods.

 So instead of posting the stories of Jordan tonight, I will just put up some of my favorite pictures of the cousins.




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  2. I laughed out loud at the faces that each of them makes in some of these pictures: Will's elvis and smiles, and Woods' laughs and looks to say "get will off of me, will ya?" What a great post. Thanks!