Monday, October 3, 2011

Feed The Birds. (Mansaf)

Out to dinner for Mansaf. This famous Jordanian dish is a favorite for so many. (Hannah, Kirk, Levi...and most of the people here). It is a rice dish with Lamb and yogurt sauce. 

 For those of you who know me well, know that an evening such as this could get a little overwhelming.

Imagine my surprise when my plate was dished up by the waiter, and this big ol' leg of lamb was placed on my plate!
(not a very clear picture, but you get the idea).  I wish you could see the people in the restaurant. It's more of a local restaurant, not so much for the tourist. Most were veiled, and every table had at least three hubbly bubbly pipes at it. I'm talking about the hookah pipe with long hose that people pass back and forth taking turns smoking the fruity smelling tobacco.

my plate

on my way out of the restaurant Kirk snapped this picture. I have no idea why I'm grinning. Those poor little lambs. (with their big ol' legs!)

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  1. I love manseff too, but that leg is a bit of an appetite bust.