Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whistle While You Work

I love being in Jordan!
But I am reminded of some of the things I take for granted at home.
Like laundry:
Jesse posted on her blog, pictures of she and Woods doing the laundry. I have to put them here so you can see how darling they are!

She wrote about the difficulties of getting her laundry and Woods to the washing machines together. She found the perfect solution! (you have to see her blog if you haven't.)
It is darling.
She said Monday was her laundry day.

Since now it's just Kirk and I, I figured I could get it all done on Monday morning too. But alas...

this is my washing machine,

and this is my water heater!

You need to turn the heater on 45 minutes before you can expect any warmth.
You can see by the size of the washer that a load of laundry is not the same for everyone.
You'll also notice that the apparatus next to the washing machine is not the dryer.
It's actually a bidet. (sounds like beday). We'll talk more about those at a later date.
So, no dryer.
I've worked out my laundry schedule.

Monday is towel day.

Tuesday is sock day.
I love socks!

...but it's Thursday and they're not dry yet.

Friday is the Sabbath, so is Saturday. And, Sunday is too. (depending on which Sabbath you observe). I do all three, and now I'm behind in my laundry!

These are my neighbors jeans, and I don't know when she does them.

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  1. I think I could enjoy three Sabbaths. Think of all the blogs I could read! You crack me up.