Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Willie

So I've been home maybe a day when this stranger shows up with a space suit. He shows my mom how it should fit. Secretly, I was hoping they'd dress me in something blue, but I wasn't expecting this.
I thought the orange glow to my skin was attractive. I heard comments about my beautiful olive complexion. But when it started creeping down my legs, and shining through the whites of my eyes, the lights came on. It wasn't my complexion at all. It was Jaundice.
I've been real good so far, but this just doesn't seem fair. They place some neon-space paddle on my bare chest, and lie me out on the cold hard plastic surface that glows in the dark.
I hear this guy tell my mom that I am not to be removed from the apparatus except for feedings. I think that's where I learned that if I eat, I get to snuggle. I've been eating ever since.

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